"Workplace Well-being in the UK: Insights for 2023 and Beyond"

At the heart of every thriving business, is the health and well-being of its workforce. Integrating breathwork into the workplace empowers employees to elevate their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, leading to a happier, more creative, and more productive team. Studies indicate that breathwork surpasses meditation in reducing stress and enhancing mood, making it a leading tool for personal and professional development.

Understanding Workplace Well-being:

Workplace well-being revolves around the creation of a nurturing and health-conscious atmosphere for employees, prioritizing positive mental health and effective stress management. A comprehensive workplace well-being strategy encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health, catering to the diverse needs of employees at different life stages, health conditions, and roles. Breathwork can play a pivotal role in supporting your workforce’s emotional, physical, and mental health and overall well-being.

Mental Health

1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace (14.7%).

Women in Workplace

Women in full-time employment are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men (19.8% vs 10.9%).

Breathwork Programs – Unlock the power of your Breath

Whether your company is new to breathwork and wants to try it for the first time or you are looking to help your workforce with specific health challenges, there is a breathwork program for you. To make offerings available to companies of all sizes and locations, I have a variety of work based programs from 1:1 breathwork coaching and group programs offered in person and online.


Elevating Business Performance

Integrating breathwork into workplace wellness initiatives is a powerful way to enhance business performance. Evidence suggests that investing in workplace wellbeing, including practices like breathwork, can yield significant benefits. Studies reveal a strong correlation between employee satisfaction, productivity, and customer loyalty, as well as a notable reduction in staff turnover. Ultimately, improved workplace well-being, supported by practices such as breathwork, aligns with heightened business profitability. This reflects a positive cycle where a focus on employee well-being, including breathwork, directly contributes to a more successful and thriving business operation.

Supporting Mental Health

Integrating breathwork practices into workplace wellness initiatives can significantly support mental health. Breathing techniques provide employees with effective tools to manage stress and promote emotional well-being. By fostering a culture of conscious breathing, businesses can empower their workforce to navigate daily challenges with greater resilience and clarity. Addressing mental health can lead to improved productivity and reduced absenteeism, benefiting both individuals and businesses.

Supporting Perimenopause and Menopause

A business can provide invaluable support for employees going through perimenopause and menopause by incorporating breathwork into their wellness initiatives. This practice offers a natural and accessible tool for managing symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety, concentration, brain fog and exhaustion. Through controlled breathing techniques, individuals can find a sense of calm and balance amidst hormonal fluctuations. Moreover, breathwork promotes mental clarity and emotional well-being, empowering employees to navigate this transition with greater ease and confidence. By integrating breathwork into their wellness programs, businesses demonstrate a genuine commitment to the health and comfort of their employees during this important life stage.

Supporting Chronic Health Conditions

A business can significantly bolster employee well-being and productivity by incorporating breathwork techniques like the Buteyko Method to support those with chronic health conditions such as asthma, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Integrating breathwork demonstrates a genuine commitment to employee well-being and provides them with valuable tools to manage chronic health conditions for improved overall health and work performance.

Addressing Workplace Stress

Work-related stress significantly impacts employees, with a majority experiencing moderate to high-stress levels. Recognizing the signs of stress and fostering an open dialogue around mental health at work is vital. Incorporating breathwork into workplace stress management initiatives can be particularly beneficial. Techniques like controlled breathing exercises offer employees practical tools to manage stress effectively, promoting emotional well-being and resilience. In addition, breathwork fosters a culture of conscious self-care, empowering employees to navigate daily challenges with greater ease and mental clarity.

Supporting Exercise and Sports Performance

Supporting employees’ exercise and sports goals through breathwork not only enhances physical performance but also promotes mental health well-being, and a sense of personal hobbies being supported by their employer. By incorporating breathwork techniques designed by the Oxygen Advantage programme into their routines, employees can experience reduced stress levels, improved focus, and enhanced emotional well-being. This, in turn, leads to a more positive work environment, increased productivity, and higher job satisfaction. When businesses prioritize their employees’ holistic well-being, they create a foundation for success that extends far beyond the workplace, ultimately benefiting both the individual and the company as a whole.

Enhancing Quality Sleep

Prioritizing employees’ quality of sleep through breathwork initiatives is a strategic investment in their mental health and overall productivity. When individuals practice specific breathwork techniques designed to promote relaxation and better sleep, they experience improved sleep patterns and enhanced mental well-being. Adequate rest translates to sharper cognitive function, increased focus, and reduced stress levels, fostering a more positive and conducive work environment. By recognizing the crucial link between sleep quality and mental health, businesses can empower their employees to perform at their best, ultimately benefiting both the individual and the organization as a whole.

ToBe Breath

Benefits of Breathwork in the Workplace are:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Reduces burnout
  • Supports enhanced focus
  • Boosts creativity and inspiration
  • More energy and vitality
  • Improves resilience
  • Enhances productivity
  • Cultivates a positive work environment
  • Encourages compassionate leadership
  • Boosts problem-solving skills
  • Improves communication skills
  • Increases happiness
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing

ToBe Breath For Corporate

Corporate Breathwork Experiences delivered in person or online

Breathwork packages are created to suit your business, incorporating individual and team sessions to enhance your employee wellness program and ultimately your bottom line. Your business is a community of people coming together to create a shared goal; breathwork adds a special dimension to that process.

Breathwork sessions happen in person or online depending on location and what is needed to ensure the best outcome for your business. It is a well-being modality that can easily fit into the working day, it doesn’t require any special equipment and is accessible to anyone, regardless of their current physical health. A medical/well-being form is sent to all participants to ensure everyone can receive the individual guidance they need to get the most out of the sessions.

To discuss how breathwork can support your business and empower your team to health, well-being, and performance please contact me.

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