The way you breathe affects every system and function in your body. If your breathing changes, whether consciously or subconsciously, then all these systems will change accordingly.

Breathing has a direct impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being, and understanding how to use the breath enhances every aspect of your life.

By bringing our conscious awareness to our breath we can alter our breathing patterns to calm anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, regulate day-to-day mood, ignite clarity and creativity, provide support for chronic health conditions, optimal health, navigate through perimenopause and menopause, enhance exercise performance and experience amazing personal transformation by releasing stored emotions and blocked energy, address subconscious patterns and behaviours, unraveling past traumas and experience deep relaxation.

Even if you’re new to the world of breathwork, you might have unknowingly engaged in it. Have you ever taken a deep breath to soothe your nervous system? Well, that is a simple form of breathwork.

Different types of breathwork

My passion is to empower you to understand, access, and benefit from a full spectrum of breathwork, whatever your needs are. There is no one-size-fits-all approach which is why I trained with a range of breathing experts and breathing modalities to meet you where you are and give you the best support through your breathwork journey.

Breathwork has two layers, the base is Functional Breathwork for optimum day-to-day health and the next level is Therapeutic Breathwork to heal our inner selves so we are free to live life at our full potential.

Optimal Health Breathwork (Functional Breathwork) optimises our day-to-day health, regulates the nervous system, promotes sleep, supports chronic health conditions such as asthma and respiratory disorders, blood pressure and circulation disorders, assists with the transition to perimenopause and menopause and enhances exercise & performance.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a form of active meditation to access a deeper level of consciousness to release stored emotions, energy, and trauma, limiting subconscious beliefs and patterns, enhancing creativity and clarity, and entering a deep state of relaxation. Just by using our own breath, we are able to shed the layers in life that no longer serve us.

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Benefits of Breathwork

Using breathwork as the vehicle for healing, I can help you.

Soothes the Nervous System

When life gets overwhelming, our nervous system can go into overdrive, causing anxious feelings, rapid breathing, a racing heart and exhaustion. With breathwork, we gently activate the parasympathetic nervous system, inviting in a sense of calm and tranquillity leading to a slower heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and an overall feeling of relaxation and ease.

Lowers Blood Pressure & Improve Circulation

Engaging in breathwork has significant benefits for blood pressure management. It promotes healthy blood circulation, widens blood vessels, and holds promise in aiding the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure). This natural approach contributes to overall heart wellness.

Support Chronic health conditions, such as Asthma, Anxiety, and Sleep

The Buteyko Breathing Method focuses on nasal breathing and controlled respiration, aiding asthmatics in reducing inhaler dependence and alleviating symptoms. It also calms the nervous system, effectively managing anxiety, and enhances sleep quality for a more restorative rest.

Enhance Exercise and Sports Performance

Breathwork improves exercise performance with controlled nasal breathing and breath-hold exercises akin to high-altitude training. This optimizes oxygen utilization, leading to enhanced tissue oxygenation, increased CO2 tolerance, heightened endurance, and strengthened respiratory function, ultimately providing a competitive edge in performance.

Increases Creativity

Active Breathing exercises induce relaxation and mental clarity, fostering the emergence and flow of fresh ideas. This practice proves particularly beneficial in a problem-solving scenario.

Improves Concentration

Breathwork has proven effective for individuals seeking to improve their focus. Engaging in specific breathing techniques during moments of distraction can extend attention spans and provide a calming influence on emotions that may be diverting focus.

Overcome the Darkness of Depression

Breathworks' capacity to shift mood and anchor individuals in the present moment is invaluable in enhancing emotional well-being and fostering gratitude. Advanced breathwork techniques centre on healing, providing a therapeutic outlet for emotional struggles.

Find acceptance for your past and find a way forward.

Breathwork unlocks suppressed emotions and energy, creating a space for acknowledgement, healing and acceptance of the past. This process paves the way for letting go and personal growth.

Release grief and heartache from the body

Through intentional breathing techniques, individuals create a space for processing and letting go of emotional pain and grief promoting healing and a sense of emotional liberation.

Quite a busy, anxious mind

Breathwork activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing the intensity of racing thoughts, leading to a state of greater mental calmness and clarity.

Feel safe to release emotions like anger, regret and resentment

Breathwork offers a safe space to let go of emotions like anger, regret and resentment. Through intentional breathing techniques, we can navigate and process these feelings, fostering a sense of emotional release and relief.

Heal the relationship you have with yourself

By turning inward and practising intentional breathing, individuals can cultivate self-awareness, acceptance, and self-compassion, leading to a deeper and more nurturing connection with one's own being.

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