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Whether you are new to breathwork and want to try it for the first time or you are looking to deepen your practice, there’s a breathwork program for you.

To make offerings accessible to everyone I have a variety of programs, from in-person breathwork coaching in Brighton & Hove to worldwide online, couples and friends group breathwork coaching, online breathing courses to monthly workshops and in-person retreats. Private sessions within your home may be possible, please contact me to discuss if this is your preference.

My Approach

I guide people to intimately connect to their breath as a pathway for personal transformation. Creating personalised breathwork journeys, combining a range of breathing techniques to meet you where you are, as we journey to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Supporting breathing for optimal health, chronic health conditions, anxiety & stress, asthma, sleep, hormone support, and enhanced sporting performance all the way through to deep transformational modalities to release blocked emotions, energy, and trauma, limiting subconscious patterns and beliefs, clarity, creativity, deep relaxation and healing. I have trained with a range of breathing experts and in numerous breathing modalities to meet you where you are and give you the best support through your breathwork journey.

What happens in a Breathwork Coaching session?

We’ll start with a discovery call so I can answer any questions and find out more about where you’re at. After a health check-in, we’ll book a journey.

I will listen to what you wish to achieve from breathwork and guide you through breathing exercises to assess your breath pattern. I am trained in a range of breathing modalities and will offer advice on breathing techniques and methods that will support your desired outcome. I will demonstrate all techniques and I wholeheartedly encourage any queries that may arise so you can feel confident in your breath practice.

Through our breathwork session, I will be fully present to guide you throughout your breathing session and to hold space for whatever comes up for you. You will be in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment ensuring you can fully relax during the process. If you choose an online breathwork session this will be delivered via Zoom.

Each breathwork journey is unique and dependent on the breathing techniques we adopt; we allow your body to be the ultimate guide to what it needs.

After our breathwork session, I will gently and slowly guide your breathing pattern to a light, slow, and low breath allowing you to feel relaxed. We will have time to talk about anything that has come up for you and for you to ask any questions you wish.

I will offer advice about aftercare and relevant breathing exercises following your session, so you are best placed to process and integrate your experience.

As a practitioner and a massive advocate of the benefits of breathwork, I would encourage you to introduce a daily practice into your life and I am very happy to discuss how best to achieve this and to support you in your goals.

Your aspirations and what you hope to gain from Breathwork are truly significant. During our discovery call, we’ll delve into this area together, and I’ll be here to provide you with valuable guidance.

Based on our discussion, I generally suggest a series of sessions. This way, we can work together over a period of time to help you achieve your desired outcomes. It’s like taking small steps toward a big, beautiful goal!

Looking forward to embarking on this journey with you!

  • Everything you need is provided for you
  • There is a beautiful room to relax, a floor mat, blankets and a bolster
  • Water and herbal teas are provided
  • Aromatherapy oils are offered at the end of the breathwork session.

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has a camera
  • A comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  • A couch, a bed, the floor! Anywhere you find comfortable lying down
  • Blankets, cushions, and anything you need to be comfortable.

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Embark on a heart-warming and self-healing inner journey towards holistic well-being, nurturing your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Delight in the comfort of a private Breathwork Session or immerse yourself in one of our nurturing workshops. Your path to enhanced well-being begins today!

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