Breathwork Aftercare

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world” – Mark Nepo

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathwork creates a space where our bodies can experience profound healing and transformation and the greatest gift, we can give to ourselves, is to truly listen to our body afterward.

Everyone’s experience after breathwork is different, honour your feelings. There is no right or wrong, acknowledge your feelings, they are there to teach you and show you the way. Trust your body will only show you what it knows you need and can process.

During your breathwork session:

  • You may have experienced a range of emotions ranging from grief, happiness, anger, and euphoria, it may have been physical sensations, a release of blocked energy, trauma, tension or pain, letting go of an inner weight or burden, experienced mental clarity, a new perspective, deep relaxation and/or spiritual connection or any other emotions that belong to you. Everything you felt in your session is welcomed and ok.

How you may feel after a breathwork session:

  • You may feel calm, creative, inspired, grounded, more connected to yourself and/or others, forgiveness, or something entirely different.
  • Physically, you may feel tired, energised, or have a feeling of lightness or relief or a combination.
  • For a few days after your breathwork you may feel more sensitive, more open, curious, or more vulnerable. Be mindful of the energy surrounding you at this time.
  • New thoughts, emotions, and suppressed feelings can surface and it is possible for a few days afterward, that this release process will continue, so you may find yourself a little sensitive, and teary.
  • Breathwork opens us up to what we are feeling in our bodies. To feel your feelings is deeply healing however it may also feel daunting if we are not used to it. Embracing our feelings can give us a great sense of freedom and power.

Post Breathwork Self-Care:

  • Rest, especially if you are new to breathwork.
  • Drink lots of water and herbal teas and enjoy soulful whole foods like vegetables, fruits, broths, and soups. We may have released emotions and it’s important to nourish our bodies.
  • It’s best to avoid alcohol and caffeine for a few days, while you are processing your breathwork experience.
  • A bath, massage, or aromatherapy oils are all lovely ways to integrate with your body
  • Hug a pet or a loved one. Really feel into that hug and take your time, allow yourself to be totally present. Connect with how they are experiencing your touch as well.
  • Try to minimise social media, screen time, and technology for a few days. Be present in your own energy and space.
  • Journaling creates space between us and our thoughts and is a lovely practice right after a breathwork session.
  • You may feel invigorated and want to dance, move, stretch, or sing or you may feel inspired to create, draw, or paint, do what feeds your soul.
  • It can be nice to embrace something that is light-hearted after breathwork – watch a comedy, laugh with a friend, dance to your favourite tunes, or do whatever makes your heart smile!
  • Spend some time in nature, go for a walk, swim.

Sharing your experience:

  • Be thoughtful about who you share your experience with, especially right after your session or if you’re feeling tender. That said, it can be amazing to tell someone you trust all about your experience.
  • Let’s honour the confidential space we created and share only our own experiences.

Staying Connected & Exploring Breathwork:

  • If you’re curious about diving into breathwork or looking to deepen your practice, I would love to support you in this journey.
  • To make offerings accessible to everyone I have a variety of programs, from in-person breathwork coaching in Brighton & Hove to online breathwork, couples and friends’ group breathwork, to monthly workshops and in-person retreats.
  • Feel free to reach out anytime if you have a question you would love to have answered or a book a free discovery call.
  • Sign up to my website for upcoming breathwork sessions, retreats, and newsletters.

With love
Pauline @ ToBeBreath