Breathwork for releasing emotions, blocked energy and past trauma

Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB) is a form an active meditation that transforms your well-being through deep rhythmic breathing. A profound therapeutic practice that enriches every level of your being. A powerful tool to release stress, tension, emotional blockages and trauma held within the body and delve into our subconscious patterns and behaviours, experience increased mental clarity and creativity, a profound state of deep relaxation and inner calm, restful sleep, and a stronger connection with ourselves & others.

With CCB, you’ll access an altered state of consciousness, quieting the rational mind and activating the subconscious. This opens the door to feelings, insights, and memories not readily available in normal waking moments. These experiences can powerfully reshape your perspective and reality.

Many of us carry past traumas and suppressed emotions, which can trigger over or under-activation responses, leading to disconnection from our bodies and reactive behaviour. Breathwork facilitates the release of emotional blockages, trauma processing, survival stress that lingers in the body and liberation from negative thoughts and behaviour, offering a pathway to embrace your full potential. As a Certified Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator trained by Breathing Space School, a member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, I provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to explore your inner landscape and begin your transformative journey to happiness and health.

How does Conscious Connected Breathwork work?

By shifting the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body, CCB takes you on a journey to a highly cathartic and slightly altered state of mind – one that can elevate you to deeper levels of clarity and awareness and access deeper levels of emotions, allowing you to bypass the rational mind and tap into your subconscious, where deeply rooted emotions, blocked energies and past traumas may be stored. The best part is that the benefits are immediate! Just one session will leave you feeling lighter.

There are four primary components to this style of breathwork

1. Conscious connected breathing: no pauses between the inhale and the exhale.
2. Diaphragmatic breathing: active inhale into the belly with relaxed expansion of the chest.
3. Relaxed exhale: breathing out is a passive movement (letting go).
4. Breathe in and out through the same channel, either the mouth or nose

This style of breathwork acknowledges that both the breather and the breath have an innate healing capacity and use positive intention to focus the energy of a session.

Benefits of conscious connected breathwork:

Emotional Release

Through Conscious Connected Breathwork, you may experience a cathartic release of emotions. This can include tears, laughter, or a profound sense of relief. The practice offers a non-judgmental space for individuals to express and process their emotions, leading to a greater sense of emotional freedom and clarity.

Trauma Healing

Conscious Connected Breathwork is recognized for its efficacy in trauma healing. By engaging in this intentional breathwork, individuals gently confront and process traumatic experiences. The continuous breath pattern allows for a gradual and controlled release of stored emotions, empowering individuals to reclaim their sense of self and move forward with resilience.
Unblock Energy and Restore Balance

Releasing Blocked Energy

Blocked energy within the body can manifest as physical tension, discomfort, or a sense of stagnation. Conscious Connected Breathwork helps to dissolve these blockages by channelling vital life force energy through intentional breath. This process revitalizes the body’s energetic flow, creating a sense of lightness and vitality.

Restoring Inner Balance

Consistent practice of Conscious Connected Breathwork supports the restoration of inner balance. As individuals release pent-up emotions and unblock stagnant energy, they experience a profound sense of equilibrium. This newfound balance permeates various aspects of life, leading to improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

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